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Advanced Trees for your land

Trentham Advanced Trees grows sturdy and vigorous advanced trees and screens from half to 3 meters for landscapers, gardens, farms and commercial projects throughout Central Victoria.

Trees derived from the ancient Gondwanan mega-continent such as southern beeches, casuarinas, proteaceous trees and araucarias as well as northern hemisphere oaks and beeches are a speciality. Also, we grow stock for general landscaping for both the cooler and drier districts of the region.

Air pruning pots, the leading industry technology, are primarily used and develop high root mass and structural conformity (no coiling in the pot) , so that trees have the best chance to grow when planted out.

Trentham Advanced Trees seeks to grow trees to promote an environmentally sustainable future, particularly for climate moderation and carbon sequestration in rural areas.

We have a particular interest in farmland, woodland ecology; combining silvo-pasture and permaculture concepts into tree-scape designs and plantings. Developing green firebreaks, farm timber lots, wind breaks, shade and forage species in an integrated plan is a service we also provide.

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